We’ve been on a constant quest for innovation for 20 years and counting. Our pursuit will never end, but each year it will bring you some of the most premium, modern advancements available in hunting blinds.

Fabrics and Coatings



Organic-woven, dual-layer, lightweight polyester provides a natural outdoor hideaway that’s weather resistant.

Durashell™ Plus

Durashell™ Plus

This custom-woven, matte-finish outer shell is lightweight yet durable.

Scan Mode

ZS3™ Technology

A micro-fiber exterior and carbon-enhanced, laminated interior create a product you can’t smell, see or hear.

Glass Lenses


This carbon-enhanced black interior eliminates shadows and silhouettes while also blocking scents.

Tools of Silence

Hinged Silent Door

A premium hinged door simplifies entry/exit for easy access without making a sound.

Silent Window Closures

Choose from three silent window systems – daisy chain, toggle or mesh attachment – to adjust windows with absolutely zero noise.


Enhanced Invisibility

3D Edge ReLeaf®

This 3D texture breaks up hard edges for a fully brushed-in look that doesn’t require extra effort.

Shoot-Through Mesh

Maintain concealment during archery hunts with windows that arrows can safely shoot through.

Integrated Brush Loops

Brush loops hold natural foliage for authentic camouflage that incorporates native surroundings.

Unique Shapes and Silhouettes

Organic, natural-shaped windows and distinct silhouettes blend in better than boxy, hard-lined designs.

Additional Features

Blind Wrap Storage

This versatile wrap hangs inside the blind to hold gear, then wraps around the deconstructed blind for easy storage and transport.

Kick-Out Technology

Kick-Out Technology

Kick-out extensions create natural shapes to improve concealment on the exterior and add space for more gear and maneuverability on the interior.